with great delight we present to you our studBOYS…


Killian sitting

Silver Dble Gr Ch Ishcus Killian (Imp GBR)

Killian is a spectacular red tabby and white boy who came to us all the way from Ireland.  He is a very large cat who is still developing (as he is only 2 1/2). He has fantastic body length, excellent boning, and a lovely head. Killian is mellow affectionate and loving boy. We had fun showing him last year and he seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. We are very grateful to Sharon Archer of Ishcus Maine Coons for allowing us to have this beautiful boy.



Furtastics Lars


Joe is a handsome smoke and white boy with a super square muzzle, good size, and fantastic heavy boning. Joe is gentle and sweet, a little reserved with new people but a sweet boy who loves a cuddle. He is very gentle with the ladies but reliably gets his girl sooner or later. He has sired many wonderful SMOKE, BLACK, TORTIE, and TORTIE SMOKE kittens with and without white.

We are so grateful to Lorinda Barson-McLean from Furtastics Maine Coons for entrusting him to us.



Maynetree Chivas Regal PP

Chevvy is the newest addition to our breeding programme and is a future stud. He has a fabulous temperament, super confident and friendly, and we’ve been astonished and delighted and how well he has settled here. He is a very striking black silver ticked tabby,  pictured here at 4 months. we love his expressive eyes, large lynx tipped ears, and square boxy muzzle. And he has lovely poly paws!  Many thanks to Rosie May of Maynetree Maine Coons for entrusting this gorgeous boy to us.



Gld Dble Gr Ch Shiningwater Kendry P

Finn is wonderful big gentle natured boy, very loving but understated in his manner, one of those special cats that leave footprints on your heart. He has sired many marvellous kittens with great personalities and striking looks.  Finn is retired now and enjoying life as my special cat in the house. His legacy lives on in several of our breeding cats.



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