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Do Maine Coons eat more than regular cats?

Yes – especially in their first year when they are growing fast. We recommend feeding to appetite for at least the first 9 months. After that, tailor the amount to the cat and whether they are tending to put on excess weight


Do they need a special diet?

We recommend feeding a combination of premium dry food and good quality canned and/or raw.. As for all cats, good nutrition will support health, growth, and a beautiful coat. Your kitten care booklet will tell you what your kitten is used to. Make any food changes gradually


What about lifespan? Do they live shorter lives because of their size?

In general, we expect Maine Coons to have a normal cat lifespan of around 14-15 years. But some Maine Coons will develop HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – a heart condition) in later life. This may shorten their lifespan to 10-12 years.


Do they have to be indoor only cats?

No, Maine Coons enjoy the outside if they have the chance to be indoor-outdoor cats. But they also adapt well to an indoor lifestyle provided they have company for at least part of the day.  You can also consider catproofing your back years or providing a ‘catio’ to allow them to enjoy the outdoors with no danger from traffic, bad dogs, or aggressive cats.


Are your kittens already microchipped?

Yes, we microchip all our kittens and register them on the NZ Companion Animal Register, with the owner as first contact and us as second contact.


Are your kittens neutered or spayed?

Yes we desex our kittens before they leave us. They recover faster, with fewer complications, and we know it’s been taken care of.


Do you ever have older kittens or retired adults available?

Yes, we occasionally have an older (over six months) kitten or a retired breeding adult. We try to ensure that the home is a good match for the cat as older kittens and adult cats are a bit less adaptable than kittens. Like all breeders we have fewer breeding males than females so retired breeders are usually female. We normally advertise these cats on our Facebook page with an explanation of the kind of home we think will suit them.


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Do you ever sell cats for breeding?

We do – but only to registered breeders, and only if we feel confident they will breed to the same standards that we do. A breeding cat is a lot more expensive than a pet who is not going to be bred from. Generally we like our breeding cats to go to people we already know. But we will consider enquiries from others. If you want to know more about breeding we recommend you read the Catbreeders Blog for some insights into the realities of breeding. The Pawpeds website is also a great source of information.


Are your males available for stud service?

Our two stud boys, Joe, and Killian are available to selected queens only. Owners must be registered breeders, and must be willing to agree to the stud service contract. We reserve the right to exercise our own judgement about whose queens may have access to him.

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