Maine Coons are addictive –

once you’ve had one, you will never go back. You may have other cats as well, but chances are there will always be a Maine Coon in your life.


What is it about Maine Coons? Maybe it is their amazing personalities… every one different, they are characterful interesting cats, each with their own unique habits. Your Maine Coon may be an amiable goofy clown or clever intuitive problemsolver. Whatever their nature, getting to know their special traits will be one of the best parts of owning a Maine Coon.


Maybe it is their loving affectionate natures. Maine Coons are people cats, they will aways bond with their special people. Some are mainly one or two person cats, deeply attached to their own humans but reserved with people they don’t know. Others are happy to meet, greet and have a good time with just about everyone (although they will still find ways to let you know that you are the best). Some love a cuddle and lap time … but more often they just like to hang out with you, keeping you company and enjoying your presence. Want a cat that will truly love you for yourself? Get a Maine Coon.





Perhaps it’s the way they just fit right into family life, getting along well with children, dogs, and other cats. Gentle and goodnatured, a Maine Coon may look wild but they are not aggressive or territorial.


Maybe it’s their awesome appearance – Maine Coons are the largest cat breed and a fully grown male may weigh 8-10kg or more, easily twice as much as the average moggie. Females will be medium to large ranging from around 5kg (still not a small cat) up to 8kg. Both will have the striking features, and beautiful coat and colours typical of the breed. Want a longhaired cat that still looks like a cat? Try a Maine Coon.


Maine Coons like to please (mostly) and can be trained (sometimes). Sometimes they figure out ways to train us….

More like a dog than a cat? Maybe… but mostly, more like a Maine Coon.


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