Shiningwater & Kittycourt Cats


In 1998 I (Zena) started breeding Maine Coons with my daughter Abby (then only 8 years old) and our chosen cattery name was Shiningwater. It did not take long for us to fall utterly in love with this breed with their gentle natures, playfulness and loving temperaments. My daughter still helps with the cats and while in younger years her main input was helping me figure out pedigree names for our litters, more recently she’s contributed her support, wisdom and common sense when we need to make decisions about our way forward.


Then a few years ago, my dear friend Liz Currie suggested we start a joint breeding programme under the cattery name Kittycourt, with all breeding cats housed at my place (as I have a great set up for them) but joint responsibility for finances and decisionmaking. This was very exciting and my partnership with Liz has not only enhanced our friendship but also made it possible to import our wonderful Irish boy Simara.


Some cats here are Shiningwater cats, co-owned by myself and my daughter, and others are Kittycourt cats, co-owned by myself and Liz Currie. All three of us share the same philosophy and values and are committed to breeding healthy, loving and extremely goodlooking cats using a mix of more unusual outcross lines and top show lines. Our cats are raised with love and care (whatever their pedigree name).
















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