Breeding with confidence

We are a small breeding cattery in Dunedin and we are totally committed to breeding the very best Maine Coons that we can… bringing over 15 years of Maine Coon breeding experience to this task.

  • We love our cats – they will never be ‘just breeding cats’ to us… and they reward us by loving us right back.


  • We test for heart and hip problems that can occur in the breed. Many of our kittens are descended from generations of tested cats.


  • You can see our health results – they are recorded on the Pawpeds online database – click on the link to the cat’s pedigree, then click on the small h beside the cat’s name or their ancestor’s name.

Our cats are loving, curious, playful and full of character – don’t take our word for it check out our Facebook page (click on the hand at the bottom of this page).

Of course they are good looking too, nothing beats the majestic appearance of a fully mature Maine Coon … look around our site and see what you think.

  • We like to use a mixture of ‘show lines’ and more unusual and rare lines – promoting hybrid vigour and strong immune systems.


  • We stand by our cats and will do our best to help you with any problem, worry or concern you may have.


Last but not least… we breed poly (extra toes) Maine Coons as well, we’d like to say that it’s all about preserving an important part of the breed’s history, but really it’s because we love watching them use their paws almost like hands….


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