Our gorgeous Girls


Shiningwater Cascade Falls

cascade on bench


Cascade is a very unusual Maine Coon in that she has a wavy coat. While this is not unheard of in the breed (Google Maine Waves to find out about a previous occurrence), it’s not common.

And not really desirable either (does the breed standard mention wavy coats as an acceptable option? No!) But Cascade has a good pedigree, and comes from heart and hip tested lines. She is super friendly, though a little inclined to nibble your toes 🙂 Wavy hair is a harmless mutation and we’ve decided that it won’t stop us from breeding from her. It’s a recessive gene so we don’t expect  to produce any wavy kittens.



Shiningwater Amber Jewel

Amber sitting

Amber close up

Amber is a stunning silvery smoke tortie. We love her dramatic facial markings, great muzzle, beautiful ear size and set, and open expression.  And her poly paws! Amber is a large girl with a super long body. She’s produced some gorgeous kittens to Joe



Kittycourt Navani

Navani and kits mum and babes

Navani is a dark tortie daughter of our super shy Teddy. Teddy is retired now but although beautiful has always been very timid. Navani isn’t quite as typey although she does have a strong square muzzle. I kept her because she isn’t anything like as skittish and shy as her mum.  She has had some gorgeous kittens to our Irish boy Killian



Shachats Eowyn Shieldmaiden

Eowyn 2

Eowyn is my return to white breeding – I was gutted when I had to spay my white queen Rosie after she developed a persistent uterine infection and so excited when Sheena Vincent of Shachats gave me the chance to start again with a white girl descended from her Spanish import boy. Eowyn’s heart result is not up on Pawpeds yet, but she scanned clear of HCM at one year old in February 2022.



Kittycourt Mistletoe

mistletoe 2

Mistletoe is a very pretty smoke tortie and white. She’s an Amber daughter and has a delightful temperament, very friendly, playful and loves attention.



Shiningwater Moon Glow


I’ve got to get some better pictures of Luna, but here she is at 7 months. She’s a Cascade daughter and is a lovely pale silver tortie tabby. We love her extrovert and joyful personality, size, colouring and expression. Can’t wait to meet her babies when she’s old enough – but they might be rather naughty!


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