Our kittens are pretty special….you might have to wait a while

Currently available/expected:

  • We have no kittens currently available or expected (June 2020) – we do plan to mate our girls again when ready.
  • Contact us through the kitten enquiry form if you would like to go on the waiting list. We will need your name, address, phone number, and a bit of information about your household as well as what you are looking for.
  • Keep an eye on our  Shiningwater Facebook page as occasionally we have a cancelled order and will post available kittens or adults there.


If you are a registered breeder looking for a breeding kitten please contact us  zpigden@gmail.com with as much information about yourself as possible. Our high quality, balanced look, health tested lines are an asset to breeding programmes – but we only sell breeding cats if we are confident you will be an ethical and caring breeder, and you must be registered with a recognized cat association.

Our kittens are affectionate, inquisitive, and playful. Some are a bit quieter and may not want to mix with everyone and some are joyful extroverts, but every single one will give you their love and make you smile.

WhiteGlovesFace 3

We are in high demand – you might have to wait a while for me, especially if you really want a boy. (but don’t forget, girls are often smarter, and they are just as loving)

When you get me, I’ll be desexed, microchipped, vaccinated twice, wormed and flea treated. Any questions or worries? My breeder will be happy to help.Phantom


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